Sunday, September 4, 2016

Elephant Parade part 2

I wanted to make a keepsake for my friend's baby. I like the idea of gifts for babies that will last a lifetime (they grow so fast and clothing only fits for a couple of months before they've outgrown it). I bought Vogue v8349 at Fabricland, years ago. It was on sale for $3.99, which is a steal for a vogue pattern. I've experimented with these patterns and embroidery before. I made the horse and elephant. I started two other elephants knowing that since my embroidery is sporadic, it would take me a while to finish them. When my friend had her baby, I got to work and completed an elephant for her. I used Avery printable cotton fabric for the label. I bought the light weight canvas fabric from Fabricland, the applique fabric is a quilting jellyroll from Walmart, and the embroidery floss is from Walmart as well.
 The great thing about the label is that is also obscures the hand sewn seam where I closed up the elephant.
I've blurred the surnames for privacy purposes.

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