Sunday, June 26, 2016

I Won!
I still can't believe it. When I entered the Bra Makers Supply Contest I thought that maybe I'd win third place... maybe. But, to my surprise, I won first place! There was some stiff competition as there are so many insanely talented sewists in the bra making world. Check out the other winners here

I got the inspiration for this bra from

I used the Pin Up Girls Classic Bra Pattern and modified the pattern to make an external powerbar (because the lace was not wide enough the cover the entire cup pieces otherwise). I also reduced the underarm side of the band and centre bridge by 3/8s of an inch to account for the fold over elastic. I cut the lace for the bridge in two pieces. The two pieces extended past the bottom of the brain a V shape and ended on the bottom band ½ and inch (elastic allowance) from the bottom edge. I cut the lace for the upper cup pieces ½ shorter than the finished height of the bridge. Then cut the duoplex for the uppercup ¼ of an inch shorter than that. I sewed the duoplex the the wrong side of the lace, wrong side the right side and upside down. This ensured that I could flip the duoplex down and the seam was encased between the two fabrics. I glued the lace to each up piece using 505 spray adhesive. I sewed the cups together.

Next I sewed the bridge lace pieces together. I glued the lace to the sides of the back band and then sewed the back band to the bridge. I sewed the first pass of the bottom band elastic onto the band ensuring that the lace was pulled out of the way. On the second pass I sewed the lace down to the bridge using a three step zig zag.

Then I sewed the cups to the band wrong sides together. I sewed the channeling following pattern instructions to the right side of the bra. Then, I sewed the first pass of the fold-over elastic onto the underarm and top of back band. I inserted the underwire and then sewed the second pass of the fold-over elastic using a three step zig zag. I sewed the thinner scalloped 3/8 inch fold-over elastic onto the top of the bridge using a zig zag stich. And then sewed the second pass with a three step zig zag. I sewed the straps to the cups ensuring that I caught the thin fold-over elastic in the strap seam.

I finished the bra with straps and hook and eyes attached following the pattern instructions.


  1. YAAAAAAAY! I read the general round up post first, and when I didn't see your bra in there, I knew you were a winner! Congratulations on FIRST PLACE!!!! Now to choose what class you'll take there with your prize $!

    1. Thanks Gillian! It's really exciting. There are so many great classes, I don't know which one I'll choose.