Sunday, December 6, 2015

My newest creation

It's been a long time... work and life have taken over and I haven't been sewing. I'm hoping to sew a lot on my sewcation in December! I'm thinking of taking two Craftsy Classes: Sewing Bras: Designer Techniques and Sewing Lingerie. Has anyone taken either of these classes? Do you recommend them?

I made started sewing this bra in August and took a 6 week break and finished in October. It is the best fit yet! I utilized Emerald Erin's bra theory post to help me move the apex up 1/2 inch. I also added external powerbars to each cut. I like the added support they add. All fabric and supplies are from Bra Maker Supply except for the burgundy lace which I bought from Fabricland. I love this bra and am hoping to make many more in the coming weeks.

P.S. Does anyone have any tips for photographing bras of larger cup sizes?


  1. Lovely bra! Congratulations on your fit adjustments! I have taken Designer Techniques Class and found it helpful, although I had problems with the video freezing on me... it was very frustrating. I do better with the Bravo 2 as my base pattern - it fits my shape much better than the Pin-up girls patterns. I was hoping the Shelley would work for me, after 7 versions it was wearable, but the straps were still too widely placed and wasn't comfortable. The Bravo 2 fit me 1st try and needed only very tiny tweaks. It's nice that we have more choices these days!

    1. Thanks. I agree it is great that we have so many choices. I am going to buy both craftsy classes! I can't wait to start watching and sewing.