Sunday, October 19, 2014

Halloween in the 90s

Is It Really Sew Strange?
Raggedy Anne- 6yrs

I have not been sewing very much in the last couple of months. With the new school year and a new job, an online course, and the death of my Mother, I have not had the time to sew. I want to sew. I visit the fabric every couple of days and keep notes and drawings of the projects I will create when I have time. My aforementioned fabulous Halloween costume idea will have to wait until next Halloween as I have no time to sew it. I will leave you with images of Halloween past. I never got to go as what I wanted to for Halloween. We had a neighbour who had a daughter who was three years older then I was. So I would wear her hand me down costumes. Don't get me wrong, the costumes where beautiful and in great condition. But they weren't of my choosing. In the long run it didn't matter. As all Canadians know, Halloween costumes here are fully engulfed in winter coats, so the only way to discern the costume is to just ask the kid what they dressed up as. Sad, but true.

Is It Really Sew Strange?
Harlequin (I had to explain to my classmates what a Harlequin was... it didn't go over well)- 7 yrs

Is It Really Sew Strange?
Justin Timberlake (From N'sync's "Pop" music video)- 2003

Justin Timberlake 
 Justin Timberlake in all his blonde afro glory!  Source