Saturday, August 9, 2014

Citron for Summer

 I made this skirt in June. For some reason, when I finished it I felt that something was wrong with it and I couldn't wear it. Then this week, while getting ready to meet a friend for lunch I pulled it out of the draw from beneath the other unfinished sewing projects, pressed it, and put it on. Magically there were no problems. Maybe it just needed a good press and steam. Or maybe the problem was in my imagination. But I wasted two months of the summer not wearing this skirt that I could have. Since it is a Citron green linen look fabric, I feel I can only wear it in the summer. Maybe in September if it is warm out. I'm glad I pulled it out of the drawer. Sometimes all you need is time away from a project to like it.

I drafted this skirt using the same pattern I used to make the Michelle Obama skirt. I love using patterns I've drafted myself. They fit so well and are so comfortable. I know I'll be using this pattern again and again. 

Now that my course is finally finished (I just handed in my last essay five minutes ago) I have the next three weeks of the summer to sew. I'm planning a lingerie sewing challenge inspired by Madalynne, I'll be making some trousers for work, and hopefully some blouses and skirts. It is going to be a busy three weeks. I can't wait!


  1. Good thing you resurrected the skirt. It's really lovely on you. I think you can definitely wear it into fall, maybe with a jacket!

    1. Thanks Andrea, I'm still hesitant to wear this colour in fall. Especially since the fabric is linen look. But if it's warm enough I'll wear it.