Sunday, August 24, 2014

Change of a Dress

I made this dress at the end of June. I figured that gave me enough time to make the dress without stressing myself out. I do not sew well under pressure.  I wanted something new to wear to a friends wedding. I based the design off of this diagram. The instructions are not in English, but I didn't let that stop me. I used my basic skirt sloper that I made using A Skirt A Day Sewing to make this skirt and I modified the pattern for Simplicity 3533 to make the top. I didn't want to make sleeves as I knew I'd be wearing the dress in the summer. I made it a wrap dress so that It would be easily adjustable. 
Systemschnitt_1 - Ирина Владимирова - Álbumes web de Picasa

I am pretty happy with the dress overall. The only thing I would change would be to interface the lining edge as it flipped the the outside even though I under-stitched it. This experiment in pattern making really boosted my confidence. Being able to start with my own measurements and a diagram and make something that fit me is a great feeling. I'm going to use this pattern again to make a wrap top.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Lingerie Challenge

August is Sewcialist's Tribute Month. I have been inspired by Madalynne to create a lingerie challenge. While I did not have an entire 48 hours free to undertake my challenge, I was able to complete my lingerie in under 20 hours combined. I assumed that with sleep, eating, and other necessities at weekend challenge boils down to about 30 hours of sewing time. So I set my timer and started sewing. I am new to lingerie sewing, so I did not replicate the three bras and three panties that Madalynne created, but I did make a long line bra for the first time, as well as a regular bra and two pairs of panties.

Madalynne was my Tribute Month inspiration because she makes beautiful lingerie. Everything is so professional and polished. She's also creates wonderfully enviable garments. 

The long line bra is amazing. I used plastic boning which makes it flexible enough so that I can move, but still adds support.  I bought all the supplies at Bra Maker's Supply when I was taking the bra making class in July.

I love this lace. The black and pink play nicely with the burgundy and black fabrics. I love how the lace looks completely different when placed on different backgrounds.

I cut the straps off of a seldom worn bra and attached them to my long line bra. The straps are detachable at the back to offer more options such as crisscross and halter neck.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Citron for Summer

 I made this skirt in June. For some reason, when I finished it I felt that something was wrong with it and I couldn't wear it. Then this week, while getting ready to meet a friend for lunch I pulled it out of the draw from beneath the other unfinished sewing projects, pressed it, and put it on. Magically there were no problems. Maybe it just needed a good press and steam. Or maybe the problem was in my imagination. But I wasted two months of the summer not wearing this skirt that I could have. Since it is a Citron green linen look fabric, I feel I can only wear it in the summer. Maybe in September if it is warm out. I'm glad I pulled it out of the drawer. Sometimes all you need is time away from a project to like it.

I drafted this skirt using the same pattern I used to make the Michelle Obama skirt. I love using patterns I've drafted myself. They fit so well and are so comfortable. I know I'll be using this pattern again and again. 

Now that my course is finally finished (I just handed in my last essay five minutes ago) I have the next three weeks of the summer to sew. I'm planning a lingerie sewing challenge inspired by Madalynne, I'll be making some trousers for work, and hopefully some blouses and skirts. It is going to be a busy three weeks. I can't wait!