Friday, July 4, 2014

Pinterest is Dangerous

 Sorry for the blurry photo

 Close up of the smocking (the camera changed the colour of the fabric)

Pinterest is dangerous! I pin all the time, and love everything, and think that everything I pin will be a) totally easy and b) take not time to do. I AM ALWAYS WRONG. I pinned Marta's amazing tutorial on pinterest to make a little girls smocked dress. I immediately started to think of applications for my sewing projects. I used my go to shell pattern, Simplicity 3533 View B, as a starting point and followed Marta's instructions to create the smocking. I almost went blind. Using dark purple fabric and dark purple thread and staring for hours at very small stitches is not good. At about the 5th hour my eyes did some sort of wiggle and then they went on strike. I could barely read for a week as a result of the eye strain. I went out and bought a super fancy magnify lamp from Walmart, which made the completion of the project much simpler and easier on my eyes. I'm happy with the result, and have fallen in love with fabric manipulation.

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