Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bra Making!

My second hand made bra ever! Black with hot pink lace

I have been looking forward to taking a the bra making class at Bra-Makers Supply in Hamilton for months. Dreams of starting my own custom bra making business filled my head while I counted the days to the start of the class. I arrived at Bra Maker Supply and entered a lovely store filled with lace and trim and every colour you could imagine. The first thing they do after you are situated is a fitting. A bra fitting with Beverly (the store owner and Fairy Bra-mother) is something between a chat with your best friend and a physical. Beverly knows everything about bra fitting and diagnoses bra fit issues in seconds. Once fitted I received my pattern and materials. Beverly and her assistant made alterations to my pattern and then cut it out. The class is extended over two days. The instructor, Denise led us through each technique involved with creating a custom bra. It is surprisingly easy. They say if you can set in a sleeve, you can make a bra. I find setting in a sleeve far more tedious then making a bra. 

They provide you the the materials to make a white bra. Mine was far too boring to show here, but once I finished the class I got started making a more exciting bra. Bra Makers Supply sells bra kits. The kits include all of the basic materials to make one bra. I added underwires and bought some lace to make the bra a little more fancy. Did you know that underwires not only come in different sizes, they also come in different lengths and widths? No wonder women all over the world suffer with uncomfortable bras.

I sat down at my sewing machine at 10pm on a Monday night, sewed until 2:30am, went to sleep and woke up the next morning ready to finish my bra. In total it took my 7 hours to make this bra. That's pretty good for my second bra. I anticipate getting faster the more I make. I have tons of ideas for more bras to make.

The great thing about making your own bras is that they instantly make you feel great. You have a little secret hiding under your clothes- a custom handmade bra by you.


  1. That's absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to take that class in the fall. :)

  2. Thank you. It's a great class. You will love it! And then you'll be addicted to bra making.