Saturday, June 28, 2014

Skirts, Skirts, Skirts

For some reason I have always wanted to sew skirts and dresses. I bought a RTW gore skirt and decided to try and copy it. I was able to create a pattern of it, and after some tweaking I was able to make this skirt. I used a sequined embroidered lace fabric and tacked it by hand to the satin panels.  While this skirt won't get much wear as it is far to fancy to wear to work, I love it and enjoyed making it. It is very relaxing to sit for a couple of hours sewing by hand. I made this skirt months ago, and recently wore it to the  theater. I've made two other skirts using the same pattern, and will post those soon. The next time I make it I will including the following adjustments: remove the waistband and make it band-less, add two inches to the length, adjust the waistline to accommodate my tilted waistline.

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