Saturday, June 28, 2014

Skirts, Skirts, Skirts

For some reason I have always wanted to sew skirts and dresses. I bought a RTW gore skirt and decided to try and copy it. I was able to create a pattern of it, and after some tweaking I was able to make this skirt. I used a sequined embroidered lace fabric and tacked it by hand to the satin panels.  While this skirt won't get much wear as it is far to fancy to wear to work, I love it and enjoyed making it. It is very relaxing to sit for a couple of hours sewing by hand. I made this skirt months ago, and recently wore it to the  theater. I've made two other skirts using the same pattern, and will post those soon. The next time I make it I will including the following adjustments: remove the waistband and make it band-less, add two inches to the length, adjust the waistline to accommodate my tilted waistline.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Inspiration: Michelle Obama

      After a long and crazy school year, the summer has finally arrived. I haven't blogged in a long time and aim to post more frequently now that it is the summer. I have made a few pieces of clothing this year and will post them soon. I was first inspired by the dress Michelle Obama is wearing above and planed to create a gored dress with the sheer stripe detailing on the hem. I later decided to create a skirt instead.  I drafted it using the book A Skirt A Day Sewing. I made a basic straight skirt sloper and then slashed and spread it to make an A-Line shape. The drafting process was a lot easier then I expected it to be. I had to take in the skirt in small increments twice, but was still able to wear the 'test' skirt. You really see your body for what it is when you start to sew for yourself. I found out that I have a tilted waistline. This means that my skirts dip down in the front and are higher in the back. This usually means that I am constantly pulling at my skirts to ensure the are sitting level on my body. Once I realized that my waistline was causing the problem I felt so relieved. This is an easy fix. So, I put on the skirt and traced my waistline on using chalk. I then transferred the chalk line to the original pattern.  This way when I wear the skirt it will sit comfortably on my body and be level at the hem.

     I made the skirt out of purple suiting and slashed it above the knee, and added organza ribbon. I had to put tiny pleats in the ribbon to make it conform to the curve of the skirt. I didn't realize until after I had purchased the ribbon that I should have bought organza fabric instead. You live and learn. I am happy with the skirt and wore it to a friends birthday dinner. I will get a lot of use out of it in the colder months paired with black tights and a lightweight black sweater.