Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sew much tension...

     I came home from work today ready and excited to sew and my machine wasn't working properly. First it wouldn't zig zag properly, then it wasn't picking up the bobbin thread. After an hour and a half of fiddling, re-threading, bobbin changes, needle changes, yelling, and tension adjustments I turned to google. After ten minutes of googling I think I have diagnosed the problem... the timing is off. I have no idea how to fix it and there is no mention of it in the manual so I will have to take it to get serviced at the Singer Sewing Machine Repair store. Fortunately I can use my mom's machine in the meantime, but it still sucks.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Elephants on Parade

     My first sewing project in a long time began as a sort of meditation. Work anxiety was getting the better of me and I don't like yoga... what was I going to do to relax? That is when embroidery came into my life. I saw so beautiful embroidered and appliqued stuffed animals and said "I can do that." Having had no experience with embroidery or applique I was uncharacteristically confident.  I found Mary Corbet's wonderful blog with great videos and instructions on how to do a variety of embroidery stitches and I was off. I had previously made a stuffed horse for my friends baby (unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it) and used the same pattern and some scrap fabric to try it out. My embroidery sampler came out better then I had expected and then I continued to embroider with much more zeal.

 Now I have so many designs in mind that I currently have two on the go. Here is a look at the first completed elephant and the two designs I am currently working on.